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    My solution for rebuffering, dropping connection and randomly skipping to next song

    I searched for rebuffering fixes in these forums and saw a list of possible WiFi settings to check but noticed that channel width wasn't in there so I thought I'd post this up...

    My squeezebox Duet (hardwired server, one jump to squeezebox) was causing me all sorts of problems with playback. Symptoms included;
    - Internet radio would cut in and out and re-buffer/ fail to re-buffer regularly
    - Songs in my local library would cut in and out randomly
    - Playlists/albums would skip to the next song in the playlist without finishing the current song
    - Loss of stream requiring a reboot on a regular basis

    I did some online investigation and found this article that mentioned channel width. I checked out my router settings and found that my default setting for channel width on the 2.4Ghz side was set to 20 MHz only. I changed this to "Automatic 20/40 MHz " and without changing anything else with my system or settings, have found that this fixed all the issues I was having.

    If you have a Linksys router the default admin page is on (via your browser address bar)
    Default user name is blank
    Default password is admin

    Hope this helps.
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