> Comments like this one (optical is INHERENTLY less dynamic
> than "RCA") tend
> to get the more scientific amongst us laughing pretty good.
> They are both
> digital, next you're going to tell me that there is so much
> clock jitter on
> one output vs. the other that you can hear it.
> I think slim devices needs to make a new list
> audiophiles (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com so you guys can have good
> fun entertaining
> each other with this stuff.

First, I said that because that's what I understand. In any event, I've
tried several different coax cables and, even though it's digital, it DOES
make a difference. It's funny how this topic quickly leads to the stuff
about green magic marker or bass kicking in after changing cords or ruber
bands around network cables... And, for sure, it's a psycho-physical
reaction we're talking about when listening.

All I can tell you is if you use telephone wire for your speaker wires, a
really thin rca for your interconnects etc. etc. that you'll hear the
difference. For one person to say they can't hear the difference and then
to extrapolate to say that every variable therefore has no impact is quite a

Perhaps the receiver I was testing against was doing A/D then D/A then A/D
again--but I really think not. I'm using digital out to my receiver not
for kicks but because it sounds better.