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    Fixed volume level when loading Squeezelite

    I use the squeezelite player on Orange PI ZERO (Armbian).

    How to set a fixed power-on volume level on Orange PI ZERO?

    Tried options:
    1 Plugin ResetVolume. Helps only when you turn off the button in the program.

    2 Plugin VolumeLock. Blocks volume change altogether.

    So far I found this way out:
    added the line
    25 22 * * * curl " "&
    to the crontab file.

    Those. before turning off the power at 22:25, the player sets the volume to 10 units.

    But this is not very convenient ...

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    Any progress ?

    Did you get anywhere with this ?
    Kinda suprised its not already a function in LMS to be fair.

    I am stating to tinker with some Rpis (picorepayer) and would like to ensure the things dont blow the crap out of the speakers on powerup..... just incase !

    Somewhere in another thread srvrpowerctrol is mentioned - i cant get it to load though, to even see if it ticks the box.


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