After chasing down information on the Metrum Octave, I emailed the review from Enjoy the Music as he (Clive meakins) reviewed the Metrum Octave here:

I asked him a few questions and he was polite enough to reply quite quickly. Through his review, I came across the 'iUsb Power' by ifi.

The reviewer said the Octave+iUSB in his estimation, would take you very close to the Hex (approx: Euro1,200+Euro199 vs Euro4,500). This certainly got my bargain ears standing to the UK it is �175+shipping of �7.

So then I took the plunge and bought one. It arrived within 2 days. It comes in a nice white box and is about 1kg.

Switch mode power supply (which seems to be dedicated for the ifi because it came with a nice tag showing how 'quiet' it is.
Blue USB cable
USB to 9v cable
4 plastic feet

With the USB and Power entering the 'entry end' this is the exit end

There are two logos - which from the instruction manual says you can connect a special usb cable with separate power and audio. In the review is the Elijah Audio USB cable which the reviewer used as part of the review. It is also priced similar to the iUsb at <US$200 (depending on length etc).

This is the tag that comes with the power unit.

It is very light, probably 0.5kg so is likely to be easily moved.

I emailed the ifi company and they pointed me to different setups I can have. I did go to their website earlier but missed this part:

I spent a bit of time looking at this and am still getting my head around the different configurations.

Initial impressions? It is silver so similar to my TeraDak, it still does not match the black of the SBT. Which is a bit annoying.

It's so big...err, actually it is smaller.....see size comparison here:

Sonics? - be patient man!
I have only just received it and will run it for 1 week before I post any comments on it. It is my pet upset that reviewers always talk about a unit brand new out of the box. I dont want to get sucked into a debate about how sound changes or if sound changes as the unit because it got more burned-in but I will say I will only properly appraise it once it has had a bit of time in my system.

So will update in due course. Stay tuned.