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    hi folks

    i would like to get the squeezeplay screensaver issue sorted if possible. is there any chance you can post some slightly clearer instructions as to what i need to set in terminal in order to achieve this?

    thx in advance, Ant

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    I'd suggest using flimflam's method with these exports.

    export USEPALATENCY=86
    export USEPAPLAYNICE=1
    open /Applications/SqueezePlay.app

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    Hi Ralphy

    thank you so much, the Squeezeplay app works beautifully and now the iMac screensaver kicks in as it should. Have yet to try Squeezelite but I will likely just use Squeezeplay as having a controller available on the desktop is quite handy.

    Back to enjoying music again, rather than thinking about how to get it working!

    This for me also solves the question "what to buy next?". As long as LMS can be made to work with Apple devices then I don't see a great problem replacing the Duet if it ever decides to stop working. My Duet is well into it's 6th year now so pretty much into bonus time as consumer electronics go...

    thx also to jimbob and indirectly to flimflam,


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