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    My usb dac does not work on picoreplayer (the usb dac is recognized)

    I use a nas to install the LMS server and a Raspberry Pi 4 to install picoreplayer, the installation process goes smoothly, I use mojo as a usb dac, everything works fine with the Raspberry Pi 4, I can play the application correctly with other systems, but after I use picoreplayer, there is no response after clicking the play button, and there is no sound.
    Here are the exact settings of my system, can someone tell me what the problem is?
    Audio output device settings------usb audio

    Output setting------hw:CARD=Mojo,DEV=0

    All other settings are default, and I have tried all the options in the Output setting regarding mojo usb dac, but nothing happens.

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    Is the DAC plugged in and powered on before you boot pCP?

    Is hw:CARD=Mojo,DEV=0 one of the options under the more> help.

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    Did you get this working?

    I have a Chord Mojo working with either direct usb or optical/coax with a Hifiberry Digi Pro

    For the usb setup I first Selected USB audio then Disabled built-in audio via Card Control and then for Output Setting selected hw:CARD=Mojo,DEV=0 from the list from Specify the output device (-o) more>

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