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    You could add "-e dsd" to squeezelite command line arguments, or update to latest Daphile beta http://www.daphile.com/firmware/beta/ where the bug is fixed. I'm also planning to release new stable version pretty soon, probably next week.

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    New stable 16.03 release available!


    • PCM-to-DSD conversion improved: noise-shaping filter and rate options. Thanks to "mansr" for his excellent work on SoX DSD support!
    • Minor web interface improvements (e.g. fullscreen webapp mode for mobiles)
    • Some audio driver and application updates
    • Many bug fixes and various small improvements

    There is also an updated version of Daphile Installation Instructions available at Daphile web site.
    Any feedback is warmly welcomed - please use the contact form on Daphile web site.

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    I protected LMS with a password but now the audio player tab is stuck on "Loading the media server". There is no way to enter my username and password.

    Strangely, when i go to "Advanced media setting" a popup screen opens where i can fill in my credentials.

    This questions is probably raised before as it is quite obvious but i could not find anything about is. Does anyone know more about this?

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    Daphile does not work with password protected LMS.

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    i just noticed when playing ALAC files the trancoding via FFmpeg kills the HDCD flag/content. I've read that FFmpeg 3.1 has support for it. Is it possible the FFmpeg module in the next beta/final ? Would be fine because then I don't must change all my HDCD ALAC files to FLAC again.


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    Hi kipeta,

    this is related to my wave input question on FB. I have installed as suggested the Wavinput plugin to check if it does what I want, and in theory it does. I know you haven't used this plugin, but maybe you have still an idea:
    The plugin has not much configuration, only pointing to the right ALSA device, usually "wavin:default" should do the job, but it isn't. That's why I used ssh to get to the to the arecord and alsamixer, but still struggling.
    The developer of wavinput thinks there might be something deactivated by you, or some permissions not set (e.g. user running arecord not member of the audio group).

    I know this is not really related to your main software and I'd understand if you say you don't give support on that. Would be still great if you could have a look into this thread, maybe you have an idea: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...l=1#post862622


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    To my post above: Now it seems it might be related to the internal sound card of my fitpc2, since I also cannot play back anything. Usually I use a USB-DAC, so I never realized I don't get any signal through the analogue out. And this might influence the same soundcard's input...

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    Daphile Network Connection

    I've just changed internet provider and I am not sure how to reconnect my Daphile installation to the new network. Its old IP is obviously invalid now and I don't know if I can access the settings.

    Can someone please direct to a relevant thread or board to discuss this?

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    I just have installed the latest Daphile 16.07-i486 on my old thin client PC.

    It is an old VIA C7 motherboard with 1GB RAM and a 2GB solid state IDE drive.

    It has an integrated sound chip that I have disabled in Daphile settings.

    Daphile output is set to my m2tech HiFace 2 USB to SPDIF converter.

    Everything looks fine when I hit the "Play" button, all the songs seem to be playing just fine (the counter is counting time, etc),*but there is no signal going from my HiFace 2 to my DAC.

    The same HiFace works just fine wih my MacMini.

    What could be the problem?

    I am no Linux expert!

    This is what "audioinfo.cgi"*says regarding my USB device:

    Card #2: M2Tech USB Audio 2.0
    * Serial: 0000
    * Driver: snd-usb-audio
    * USB BUS: 003/003
    * USB driver: uhci_hcd
    * Device ID: 249c:930c
    * IRQ: 21 (PRY:80)
    * Mixer controls: none
    * Device #0 (enabled): USB Audio
    * * Player process: squeezelite (PID:3409)
    * * Rates: 44100 48000 88200 96000
    * * Format: S24_3LE
    * * Settings:
    * * * softvol_mode: bitperfect
    * * * softvol_init_value: 50
    * * * usedop: off
    * * * ratelimit: 0
    * * * volctrl: 'sw'
    * * * decode: true
    * * * lms_ds: false
    * * * resample: exception
    * * * resample_steep: false
    * * * resample_quality: veryhigh
    * * * resample_phase: minimum
    * * * resample_attenuate: 1
    * * * rcdelay: 0
    * * * stream_buffer: 3072
    * * * output_buffer: 4096
    * * * pcm2dsd_rate: 2822400
    * * * pcm2dsd_nsfilt: sdm-4
    * * * cf_bypass_gain: 0.0
    * * * buffertime: 100
    * * * periodcount: 3
    * * * period_eq_bfpart: true

    Some lines from the Squeezelite log (the same lines are just repeating over and over again):

    [01:16:55.218656] output_thread:716 open output device: hw:2,0
    [01:16:55.218856] alsa_open:389 opening device at: 44100
    [01:16:55.219390] alsa_open:460 opened device hw:2,0 using format: S24_3LE sample rate: 44100 mmap: 1
    [01:16:55.219487] alsa_open:551 buffer: 100 period: 3 -> buffer size: 4410 period size: 1470
    [01:16:55.221169] alsa_open:568 unable to set hw params: Input/output error

    Please help!

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    It works now!

    The problem was in my active extension cable with USB repeater.

    I was using it because my MacMini is away from my hifi equipment rack.

    When I moved my Daphile PC close to my DAC and plugged the HiFace directly*without the active extension cable,*it started working.

    I never thought that this could be the problem, since HiFace works perfectly connected to my Mini with that cable.

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