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    tunein or Airplay no output on device


    it looks like tunein is not working on LMS for me.

    it used to be.

    My device is not switched on when tunein is selected.

    It looks like tunein is running but for example my Onkyo is not switched on ( Airplay).
    Same on my Raspberry where squeezelite is running. no output.

    Any hints where to check ?

    in general it is working for other plugins as spotty. - Onyko is switched on - so I think it is not an Airplay issue

    Thanks T

    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.3 - 1597753178 @ Sun Aug 23 19:21:22 CEST 2020

    Operating system: Debian - EN - utf8
    Platform Architecture: x86_64-linux
    Perl Version: 5.26.1 - x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi
    Audio::Scan: 0.95
    IO::Socket::SSL: 2.066
    Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.58 (sqlite 3.22.0)
    Total Players Recognized: 5

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    What is "tuneIn" in this context?

    If you mean the TuneIn directory of radio stations then which station(s) are you trying to play and does it work with others?
    Paul Webster
    Author of "Now Playing" plugins covering Radio France (FIP etc), PlanetRadio (Bauer - Kiss, Absolute, Scala, JazzFM etc), KCRW, Supla Finland, ABC Australia, CBC/Radio-Canada and RTE Ireland

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    And if you are in the UK you will only be allowed to listen to UK stations following a recent copyright action against TuneIn. You need to get the url's from each station and by-pass TuneIn who are just an aggregator of links.

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