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    Problems playing FLAC

    I've recently gotten some FLAC files (from HDTracks.com) which will not play properly on my SqueezeBox classic. The player handles other FLAC files (including from the same vendor) just fine, but these 20 or so files will not play. Instead, the player shows on the display that it is 're-buffering' the files over and over again, and occasionally it puts out some high pitched white noise for a second or 2. In the meanwhile, I can play these files just fine with VLC, so it does not seem to be a problem with the files themselves.

    Has anyone had similar problems? Is there anything that I ought to be checking?


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    Is there anything unique about those files regarding sampling rate or sample size? I'm not sure that the SB3 (aka Classic) supports anything higher than 16bit 44.1hkz FLAC files. Are they mulitchannel FLACs?
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    The SB3/Classic supports playback of up to 24/48. And if the files are higher-res than that then LMS should convert them to 24/48.

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    Is the OP perhaps using a nas or small computer that can't transcode 24/96 files automatically.
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    Ah- that is probably it. The server is running on a Raspberry Pi, and I did not realize that it had to transcode hi res files down. Thanks so much!

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    You could just transcode the files yourself on a regular pc and save them in your music folder. Then you should be able to play these files. (obviously keep the original files also).

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    Yes, I will probably do a transcode. Is anyone doing any of that, and if so what are good tools for transcoding?

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    If you have a Windows based PC dbPoweramp would be a good choice.

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    or foobar2000 with the rigth plugin .
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    HDTracks problems here too

    It looks like I've bumped into the same problem. Someone has given me some tracks they bought in flac format from HDTracks. My Duet stumbles over them, with the music coming out slower than it should and sounding as if the musicians are stuttering! The tracks play OK in Windows Media Player on a fast PC, served by my old PC running VortexBox and Logitech Media Server. But they don't play properly on the Duet, served from the same source. Looks like the old Dell PC can't handle the transcoding on the fly.

    The bit rate shown in the file's properties are around 3500kbps, with an audio sample rate of 96kHz. And the files are huge, 1.5gb for the 13 tracks on a 62-minute CD. So I guess I need to transcode and save files that won't need transcoding during playback. So could I please get some practical help with the steps to do that. The tools I currently have are Media Monkey Gold (MMG), and flicflac (FF).

    What I've tried so far: Used both MMG and FF to convert to wav, and to mp3 320k. Then I've converted the wav back to flac using both FF and MMG. And I'm no further forward, the files still won't play properly on the Duet - and they are still huge.

    I've googled quite a bit and one suggestion that I've not tried is to burn a CD from these files, then rip it back in with Exact Audio Copy. That makes me think there must be a way to do the same thing but without using a physical CD.

    Can somebody provide practical tips on what to do next?
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