Help a newby out...
I've tried locating this issue in the forums, but I haven't seen anything similar to it:

I've created a playlist involving a group of artists without any issue, and when it's pulled up on the server, have added it to the favorites list. When I go to the favorites, it shows up as an option, but clicking on either the play button, or add to currently playing button, nothing happens. It will play from the playlists area, but not the favorites. I was hoping to add the playlist to either favorites, or to one of the preset buttons.

In case it helps, I'm running the 7.7.2 server on Windows Vista, and playing through either a Squeezebox Boom, or Squeezebox Radio. I've had the system up and running for around three years, with multiple upgrades and other issues. This is not a new issue, I've just never taken it seriously enough to research.

I must say, I'm somewhat apprehensive about the forthcoming answers, based on the "techy" responses I've seen in other posts, but regardless, thanks for the input.