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    Quote Originally Posted by chill View Post
    Strictly speaking it's a fresh build of Jivelite under Ubuntu 18.04. My main aim was to have a controller that didn't additionally create another player in LMS, which is what the Squeezeplay build does. And then, to cover all the bases, I added a new Applet to launch an instance of Squeezelite, for those who DO want it to function as a player, e.g. by feeding a USB DAC from the Joggler.

    I too have three of these now - one next to my main amplifier controlling my main piCorePlayer, one next to my kitchen Boom (so I don't have to squint at its fading display or touch it's sticky knob!), and one in the bedroom controlling an Audio Pro C3 airplay speaker. They can each be set to control any player, but I also added an Applet so that any player on the network can be toggled on and off from any Joggler.
    Did you ever get around to documenting / write a single How To - there are 20 something pages in your thread on the subject?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d6jg View Post
    Did you ever get around to documenting / write a single How To - there are 20 something pages in your thread on the subject?
    I didn't, but I can do so here in a few sentences. Neither did I get around to renaming my images as proper releases - I was calling them 'alpha' releases because I was still changing the functionality. In reality I'm done adding new stuff now, so they should be 'beta' at least, and since nobody's reported any bugs they're effectively my final release. Anyway, that's why they're still called 'alpha'.

    You can get them here: http://www.cjh.me.uk/joggler/alpha04/
    In that folder there are two zipped images - one for use on a USB stick, and the other intended for over-writing the Joggler's OS - and two MD5 files, which are used to check that your downloads arrived without error. If you're going to overwrite the Joggler's OS you'll need the corresponding MD5 file.

    1) If you want to test the software without overwriting the existing OS, then download JiveliteForJoggler_alpha04_USB.img.gz, and use your favourite USB flashing tool to write that image to a USB memory stick (>= 1GB). I use Balena Etcher on my Macbook. Pop the USB stick into the USB socket on the side of the Joggler and reboot. I run one of my Jogglers from a very compact USB stick because the internal flash memory no longer works, and it's so compact you'd barely know it was there.

    2) If you want to overwrite the Joggler's OS, use Andy Davison's Reflash tool - full instructions are on the linked page. In his steps 4 and 5, use my files JiveliteForJoggler_alpha04.img.gz and JiveliteForJoggler_alpha04.img.gz.md5, NOT the USB versions.

    Whichever version you use, you'll need to do a couple of things on first boot. It will ask you to select a language, and then you'll need to visit the 'Setting's -> 'Network' page to configure either wired or wireless connection. Hopefully it's all pretty intuitive.

    EDIT: I should add that navigating around is a bit slow on first boot (maybe it's setting up file systems or something), so if you access the network settings page immediately it may seem to hang for a second or two here and there. But after that it all behaves quite responsively.
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