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    FLAC+CUE: non compilation marked as Various Artists

    Would appreciate any help, please.

    I have a new album, and it's being listed under Various Artists, despite it not being a compilation: i.e. I have ALBUMARTIST set, and no COMP tags.

    To add confusion, I rip to FLAC+CUE, and I'm never terribly sure how LMS merges the two tag sources, i.e. the text in the cue file, and the Vorbis comments in the flac.

    In this particular example, I have the following in the cue file, overall:

    TITLE "Deuces Wild"
    PERFORMER "B.B. King"

    and then per-track TITLE/PERFORMER. The per-track PERFORMER tags are all different (it's a duets album), i.e. artist mismatches.

    The flac file has the following Vorbis comment:

    METADATA block #2
    type: 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT)
    is last: false
    length: 125
    vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.3.0 20130526
    comments: 3
    comment[0]: ENCODER=X Lossless Decoder 20131102
    comment[1]: ALBUM=Deuces Wild
    comment[2]: ALBUMARTIST=B.B. King

    So, I have artist mismatches, but I also have ALBUMARTIST, and no COMP tags. According to the wiki articles, that means this should not be seen as Various Artists, I thought. But it is.

    LMS clearly thinks so; in the web front-end, for the album itself, it says:

    Compilation: Yes

    and per track, View Tags:

    ALBUM: Deuces Wild

    What am I missing please?

    thanks much indeed.

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    its possible you have leading/trailing spaces or maybe some other hard to spot inconsistency between the files.

    to figure it out, I would copy the files twice. on one set, I'd remove the cue files. on the other set, I would remove the tags. scan em in, see what happens.
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    I have a feeling that the problem is that with a FLAC+CUE type album only metadata from the CUE sheet is read, rather than trying to merge the CUE sheet metadata with the internal tagging. I don't know this for certain, but the OP's finding would seem to indicate that's the case.

    I would try adding an ALBUMARTIST tag to the CUE sheet. Either

    TITLE "Deuces Wild"
    PERFORMER "B.B. King"

    but more likely in a comment:

    TITLE "Deuces Wild"
    PERFORMER "B.B. King"

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