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    LMS database on FreeNAS not scanning files with UTF-8 multibyte chars


    Hopefully someone can help me on this.

    I'm running LMS with this profile:

    "Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.0 - 1342011222 @ Thu Jul 12 04:39:03 MDT 2012
    Hostname: jjjjj (redacted)
    Server IP Address: 192.168.999.999 (redacted)
    Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
    Operating system: freebsd - EN - iso-8859-1
    Platform Architecture: amd64-freebsd
    Perl Version: 5.14.2 - amd64-freebsd
    Database Version: DBD::smileyfrustrated:QLite 1.34_01 (sqlite
    Total Players Recognized: 1"

    with a Touch and a FreeNAS Server (v8.3).

    I have configured both the admin and jail language on the FreeNAS box to en_US.UTF-8, charset = UTF-8. Confirmed by running locale.

    However the db scanner will only pick up directories and file names with ASCII characters, so I'm losing an awful lot of my material. When the LMS was running on a Windows XP SP3 box I didn't have these problems. The CIFS share (used by both an XP box and Linux Mint) shows that the files and directory names are correctly rendering.

    The Freenas os is presenting itself as charset EN - iso-8859-1...

    So, I think the question boilds down to: How do I get SQLite to scan UTF-8 directories and files?

    Thanks for everybody's help in advance

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    I have the answer and it's a bit embarrasing... the directories that wouldn't scan, and the files beneath them, need to have permissions set to "ugo+rwx". Oops! Once changed, LMS was able to scan with no problems, including umlauts, thorns and the rest of the euro character tribe. Thanks to all who pondered this problem...

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