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    Quote Originally Posted by achgotz View Post
    I had exactly the same problem on raspbian+jivelite that's why I switched to picoreplayer. You can turn on again the device via a remote control app (ie android or other, from smartphone), But that's it, I also did not manage to find a way to switch it on via touch
    Huh - just started a thread because I'm having the same issue... Was anyone here able to resolve it (and why on earth does it just work in PiCorePlayer ???)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    You're missing the SDL library - probably not installed

    Check if there a package already built for libsdl (not libsdl2 I think) - you'll need developer version which has SDL.h
    comment puis je installer la bibliothŔque SDL ?

    la commande :
    sudo apt-get install git libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libexpat1-dev
    ne trouve pas les sources


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    Now playing screen

    Quote Originally Posted by lrossouw View Post
    I'd like something like this. Screen layout should be different than squeezeplay.

    I'd probably use it as only a now playing screen. For me it would run on a seperate PC from player or server. I want a now playing screen that's clean/dark and with hidden controls.

    Now playing should have
    - Large album art
    - Title of currently playing song etc.
    - List of upcoming songs (i.e. current playlist) with album art.
    - black/dark background
    - not look like a computer screen.
    - option to remove all controls to declutter

    I was looking for exact same thing. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere before.

    So I would like to have now playing screen on my tv without controls and top/down bars. Is there any easy solution?

    I am using raspberry pi 3 running piCoreplayer.

    Thank you!

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