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    Quote Originally Posted by baz-r View Post
    ok i have taken a small sd card (sub 1gb) put only 4 albums on it with only mp3 files and album art and im still getting local music stopped fults.
    what is going on its driveing me mad?
    I had the same problem, and understand your pain. I ran a 4GB usb flash card with FLAC files for about a month without problems. Then I would get the stopped music server faults. I stupidly tied to go to a large USB hard drive. After a successful scan, tinyLMS would frequently crash and have to restart. One day I could not restart Tiny LMS or disconnect the drive. The LMS database on the HD had FAT errors. I have not been able to get it to scan again after reformatting the drive, recopying all the files, etc.

    Why is crashes when the Touch is not even playing music is a mystery. I tied to look in the log file for something helpful, but to me it is nothing but jargon.

    I have given up and will look to either moving to something else (Olive One) or perhaps this Raspberry Pi. However, despite how easy the computer-file say it is, this audiofool is cautious that I might trade one headache (Touch) for another with the Pi (Install Linux, Putty, LMS, etc...)

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    has a known cause and solution for this ever been found? I loved my SB system and have tried a few alternatives and keep coming back to "i don't want sonos" and "why is there not a good reasonable alternative?" - i just want a simple reliable system with streaming support from one of the big players like spotify

    yes i guess the only way is to run LMS on a PC or some other external device but its a shame the device didn't do what it was designed to do! I had a hunch its down to it not been powerful enough as putting up the VU meter is a sure way for it to get all laggy and throw in the towel.

    it sometimes could go 10 days fine and other days keep stopping its service over and over.

    the multi room play, play of personal collection and streaming of the SB system is very of the "now" its a real shame SB didn't continue or get updated

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