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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    I think we all suffer from it , but A does not notice B get "saved" by some fluke ,having a compilation or other file tagged differently with that artist saving the day .

    3221 albums with 38630 songs by 1367 artists.
    about the only thing I ever really notice (other than having two artists listed when one is simply a variant on spelling, i.e., use of & vs and in the name) is when I accidentally have a non-compilation album listed under compilations because one track on the album has a 2nd ARTIST field and I do not have ALBUM ARTIST filled in to keep it from automatically being treated as a compilation album.
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    Full ack, the bug is hidden in large collections due to side-effects, aka other bugs in LMS.

    After using LMS/squeezeserver for a couple of years, i've noticed the bug first before ripping my new Living Stereo Collection. I made a quick (...) check of my "tagging system", which i was using so far, cause i don't want to multiply any faults for each of the 60 CDs. Well, the check took a little bit longer ....

    @Mnyb: Sorry again, there was a little misunderstanding on my side about the message of your first post

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    If you really have a problem with it may be worth to try a 7.5.x server I'm unsure if this bug predates the " one browser " project and the return to SQLite from MySQL .
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