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    Oldie/Newbie needs help reconfiguring set-up. Damn MP3tunes.com

    Hello. I have had a Duet for years and have had very few issues with it. It's hooked to my network router and a receiver that provides music to my whole house.
    I have also ripped over 2000 cd's and uploaded them all to MP3tunes.com. That was the easiest way to listen to my collection through the Duet (or at any other location.)
    Now that mp3tunes has gone belly-up (and took my money), I need a new way to listen to my collection.
    1) I could upload to another cloud, but it doesn't appear that there are any SB Apps for itunes, amazon, google, etc.
    2) I could also change the default Duet library from mysqeezeserver to my computer, but then I'd have to leave my PC on all the time. So, my preferred option I think is
    3) buy and install an independent storage drive/player that I could connect to my network from which the Duet will pull music.
    I've tried researching "media server" but I don't think this is the correct item. (I don't want another "link" from the media to the player. I want to hook up a harddrive to my network, leave it on and forget about it, from which my Duet will be able to play tunes.) This may be a NAS, but, as I said, I am a newbie to this kind of thing. More importantly, I would prefer a drive/player/nas for which someone has made an App for the Duet - allowing for easy navigation. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

    (I posted this in the 'beginner' forum, but saw that this might be a more appropriate place. Sorry for the duplicate.)

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    What you're looking for is something running the server. Same as your PC, but smaller and always-on. There is no such thing as a controller applet doing direct access to music files. Even Touch, which was much more powerful than Controller, was barely able to run the embedded server (wouldn't be ok for 2k CDs, I think.)

    IMHO NASes are expensive and have a weak CPU. The HP microserver is a notable exception (and it is sold as a server, no as a NAS.)
    Very small machines, like Raspberry Pi, PogoPlug, Cube (by solidrun) can run the server, too (with the music drive attached via USB or e-SATA).

    Something like the HP Microserver will run a "normal" OS, you can put the "normal" server on top of that. For the smaller platforms there are specialized system images, like squeezeplug or VAMP.
    You should find info on all of these searching in the forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecalcott View Post
    (I posted this in the 'beginner' forum, but saw that this might be a more appropriate place. Sorry for the duplicate.)
    Actually the Beginner forum was a better fit, but either way, check back there for more responses from people who didn't see your crosspost earlier.

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