Hi all,

I'm suffering from a system crash after doing multiple (60 or so) searches for songs. After a while Slimserver be ones unresponsive and the on,y way to resolve it is to shut down and restart.

My background. I've got a V1 and V3 slim device and have been running the software since v5.

I can play music all day with no problem. Christmas Day it played Christmas playlist on repeat for 5 hours and then other songs for a few hours. So I know it works when being used for a long time.

My issue is when we use it as a jukebox. A group of friends will take turns to pick a song, play it and then pass an iPad (using either the browser or mysqueezebox app) to pick another song while the first is playing. After a while rotating, say 30/40 songs, squeezecenter becomes unresponsive and either UI won't respond and the music stops after the last song playing has stopped.

This happens either on a dedicated Xp desktop or my Synology nas (Ds412+II).

Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it. My mates and I like to each choose a song to play and out do each other. My library is 25000+ songs.

Any help appreciated.