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    Problem finding entire music library

    Hello there, I'm new and also a technically inept so please go easy on me.

    I have had a squeeze box touch for about 3 years and its worked fine until yesterday.

    I am using a qnap turbo nas drive to store my music on and from that use a qpkg to launch the server. In summary when I try to find my library when choosing from the server I go to the shared folder and then music and it only seems to find about 10% of whats in the file.

    I haven't changed the permission or changed the folder in anyway. I have tried updating the NAS firmware and also the qpkg thing but with the same results, and yes I have tried turning everything off and on again.

    Is there any help for this? how can I see only some of the music in the folder and not all of it? I have been through all the folders and the the missing files aren't anywhere else.

    I hope I've given enough information to go on if someone could help I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks and here's hoping.

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    How are you looking for your music files? Are you looking via My Music > Music Folder rather than via the Artist, Album etc tags?
    I use a QNAP TS-239 with LMS 7.7.2 and everything works as it should for me (though I never navigate my files via Music Folder).


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    Similar problem with QNAP

    I am also running Media server from QNAP, and this was working well till I decided to rescan and clear and rescan everything. the scan repeatedly finds images, but no music, even though music is "ticked". I've tried everything I can think of, even re-installed but same thing. Any thoughts?

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    Thanks for the responses,

    In terms of looking for my music, when I go to the setting page and chose the shared folder that my music is in it only sees some, and not all of the music. Its weird I can't figure it out, I've tried everything to the point that I ended up posting on this forum.

    To summarise when I try to locate the music on via the server folder it only displays a small percentage and not all of the music and I have no idea why.

    Thanks again


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    Have you tried looking at your music through the web inerface ? Is the result the same ?

    You say you have tried everything, can you give some detail.

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    Is all hardrives in working order ?

    Check the permissions on the missing folders or files , even if you have not changed them intentionally does not mean that can not have changed for some yet unknown reason .
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