I bought a Squeezebox Radio at Xmas to compliment my Touch (and before they all sell out completely), but I'm having loads of connection problems with it. It just keeps losing connection to the router, randomly after working for about 20minutes and having had full signal. The wireless icon then just turns red and says there's no signal to the router, and the only way to resolve it is to manually enter the SSID and password again each time.

I'm pretty sure it's not the router as my laptop, iPad, Android and iPhone all show strong signals, even when in the same location as the Radio. I'm working from home today and it's gone down three times this morning, despite my laptop being in a similar location and that staying connected (I'm working remotely so would know straight away if the router had gone down).

The hardware version is 7 (I haven't been sold a dud/refurb have I?) and I've updated the firmware to 7.7.2r9663 (via updating MLS on my Home Server). The router is an Asus RT66U. It's dual band so gives out both a 2.4 and 5ghz signal. At 5ghz it's an .11n signal and at 2.4 it's mixed g/n, and I've tried both frequencies on all devices that support both. The Radio only support 2.4 and g but when it does have a signal shows it as full until it just randomly disappears.

Any ideas? It's really frustrating, and is making the Radio unusable. We move to Dubai in a few months and I wanted an internet radio that will let me get UK radio as well as stream music from my home network!