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    How to get Squeezeplay to send audio out USB?

    I have LMS and Squeezeplay loaded on my laptop (Windows Vista sp2). As I understand it, Squeezeplay turns my laptop into a player. I have no trouble using it to play music through the laptop speakers, but I cannot figure out how to get the audio to play via USB using my HiFace USB to SPDIF converter hooked to my stereo.

    I checked the audio settings on the laptop's control panel and the hiFace shows up fine. As a matter of fact, with the hiFace connected all computer sounds play through the stereo instead of the laptop speakers like I expect. But for some reason when using Squeezeplay it will only play through the laptop speakers.

    I cannot find any settings to tell Sqeezeplay, or LMS, to send audio to the hiFace.

    The reason I would like to do this is because hi Rez music files seem to sound better through the hiFace rather than streaming wirelessly through the Touch.

    For reference, my music files are on my laptop (running Vista, LMS, and Squeezeplay), and my Touch is connected to the stereo via digital coax. I control the whole thing with iPeng installed on my iPad Mini.

    Any ideas?
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