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    Time format on Squeezebox Boom

    I had the time format configured as I wanted on my Squeezebox Boom for several years. Unfortunately, my NAS (ReadyNAS Pro Business,where the Logitech Media Server runs) became infected with a trojan, and in the process of removing the trojan, I unnecessarily cleared all settings in Logitech Media Server. So, now I'm trying to restore my Squeezebox Boom to the settings it had before the trojan.

    The question is about the time format that the Boom displays in three different states:
    a. When the Boom is off.
    b. When the Boom is on but the streaming is stopped.
    c. When the Boom is streaming.

    My requirements are to display time as follows:
    a. Current time (11:11 AM)
    b. Current time (11:11 AM)
    c. Alternate between the information about what's streaming and the current time (11:11 AM)

    I want to be able to see the current time from across the room, so I do not want the date to display on the Boom's screen at all. I just want the current time and that's it.

    I've spent several hours now trying to configure this, and the only scenario I was able to achieve just the current time display is in case (a), which is when the Boom is off. I can control this settings in Player > Squeezebox Boom > Basic settings > Screensaver when off. The value I assign to this setting is ironically "Date and Time"; however, only the current time is displayed when I turn the Boom off, and the digits are large - they fill the entire Boom's screen, which is what I want.

    However, if I assign the same value to the "Screensaver when stopped" setting on the same configuration page, I see both the date and the time. The format for the display of the date is controlled by the value assigned to the "Long Date Format" setting configured on the "Interface" tab in Logitech Media Server settings.

    So, even though I assign the same exact value (Date and Time) to both "Screensaver when ..." settings in Player > Squeezebox Boom > Basic settings, the clock format in scenarios (a) and (b) are different. Could someone explain this behavior and possibly help me configure scenario (b) the way I need - current time (11:11 AM)?

    P.S. I'm hoping to address Scenario (c) with the SaverSwitcher plugin, but again, I need to be able to switch to the Clock (as a screensaver) displaying only the current time (11:11 AM) and not the time and the date. So, I'm hoping once I resolve the issue I'm having in scenario (b), I can address scenario (c).

    Thank you very much!
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