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    Quote Originally Posted by cuberob View Post

    I'm guessing you are the same person that send me an email about this, to which I just responded.
    But for anyone else interested . I'm currently busy finishing my bachelors degree but will start looking into this (as wel as some other features) as soon as I start getting a little more time!
    Thanks for your interest and patience! .

    Regards, Rob
    Yes, that was me. I sent the email via the play store before checking to see if there was a forum thread for the app. I wouldn't have polluted your inbox if I had been thinking!

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    I would like to automatically turn off the Don't stop the music plugin when playing a certain Genre. Is this possible with Tasker and AutoSqueeze?

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    How to get volume level from player?

    How to get the player volume in variable Tasker?
    Or how to show on lockscreen track name and volume level?

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