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    Squeezebox Classic firmware update message fail


    i am trying to set up a squeezebox V3 (Classic) with my fritzbox 7113 router and a mac.

    After setting it up with WLAN failed i now try to set it up with wired LAN. Squeezebox is connected with wired LAN to my router. But when i plug in the power it automatically starts a firmware update. But this update never gets completed so i guess it kind of freezes there everytime. Remote has no control too.

    What can i do now?


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    Make sure it is actually using wired. This must be manually selected, it does not just default to wired if you plug in an ethernet cable.

    Try updating directly from MySqueezeBox.com. Press & hold LEFT arrow, enter Setup menu's, scoll to "connect to MySqueezeBox.com", arrow RIGHT to select. It should update automatically.

    Did you buy this SB3 used? Fritzbox just a basic router?

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    Has this SB ever worked properly? If you just bought it second-hand, it's possible it's a "demo" unit which cannot be made to run the regular firmware or play any audio. Do your symptoms match those in this thread?: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...Demo-Unit-Help!
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