>>> j.putt (AT) verizon (DOT) net 11/15/2004 1:00:38 AM >>>
>Thanks again to everyone who replied. You guys are VERY helpful.
>> 1.5 TB at last count - and that's exclusively music. If I had a
>> portable
>> device that could play FLAC, I'd get some disk space back because
>> I'd no longer have to store a duplicate mp3 file.

>What sort of drive configuration are you using? Do you have a backup?

>hate to have a drive fail, and have to reload all that music!)

I do tape backups. DLT is great. I have about 100 tapes
and use Arkeia.

>Is your server dedicated to digital music?

Yep. I bought the server and added as much ram and disk drives as it
would hold for the sole purpose of storing music.

>> There are services that
>> will send you boxes to mail them your CDs, they will rip and (if
>> necessary)
>> encode them for about $1/CD in bulk.

>Might be worth it!

Yep. So would buying credits at allofmp3.com. I've done that and
download just the albums I own. Saved me a bunch of time
from having to split up WAVs recorded from an imperfect album.

>> Take the cash you'd
>> spend on that foolishness and buy a nice server with tons of disk
>> space.
>> And then go buy an HDTV or a really nice DAC. Then put the other
>> $10,000 in the bank.

>I wish I had that cash! My DAC and jitter filter were bought second

hand on
>Ebay, and I built my tube amps in my basement from kits! The end

>sound pretty darn good, though!

Mine too. Don't know how I survived without a DAC before. Not sure
the whole tube thing. I'm more of a solid state guy.

>> Good luck. Go out and buy one. You'll be happy.

>I'm thinking seriously about it. Thanks again!