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    piCorePlayer + SqueezeLite + Bluetooth - issues with output setting & stuttering

    I set up piCorePlayer 7.0.0 on RPi 3B+. It works fine with the hardware audio output.
    I got bluetooth working for the first time, and it is connected. The Bluetooth page shows:

    ✔ BT Controller is On
    ✔ BT Speaker Daemon is running
    ✔ BT Pairing Daemon for incoming connections is running

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    So now, the final step is to choose that device for output. The "output setting" option, -o is set based on the values returned from -l option.
    It is giving an error, when I try to select the device:

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    I also tried at the command-line, and here is what I see:

    tc@pcp:~$ squeezelite -l
    Output devices:
    null - Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
    hw:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 - bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones - Direct hardware device without any conversions
    plughw:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 - bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones - Hardware device with all software conversions
    sysdefault:CARD=Headphones - bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones - Default Audio Device
    dmix:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 - bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones - Direct sample mixing device

    tc@pcp:~$ squeezelite -o bt_SRS-XB43
    D: ../../../src/asound/bluealsa-pcm.c:1004: Getting BlueALSA PCM: PLAYBACK 04:21:44:08:32:63 a2dp
    [13:28:15.694067] test_open:281 playback open error: No such device
    [13:28:15.694184] output_init_common:391 unable to open output device: bt_SRS-XB43

    I tried the 3 devices for the XB43, but all of them give the same error. The other devices work, but none of the bluetooth devices work.
    The piCorePlayer says "please match the requested format" and SqueezeLite itself just says that there is no such device.

    On close inspection, I see that the bluetooth device has a "BT name" and a "player name" and my squeezebox remote shows SRS-XB43 as another "player".
    So it seems that the bluetooth speaker is not an output device, it is another instance of SqueezeLite. Is that correct?

    When I try to play audio on that bluetooth player, all I hear is stuttering sound. I think that is related to 2.4GHz wifi interfering with bluetooth, although wifi is not set up on this RPi.
    I'd like some help to understand if I have set it up correctly, and any insight into why bluetooth audio is behaving so badly.


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    You don't use bluetooth outputs on the squeezelite page. The squeezelite session is created automatically when the device connects.

    Look for "SRS-XB43" as a player in LMS.

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