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    Quote Originally Posted by PasTim View Post
    If you run a program from a linux command line, and then close the terminal, the program will normally stop, so I leave the terminal open. There are ways to run a command and to be able to leave it running when the terminal is closed - there's lost of advice on the web about different ways of doing this.
    I managed this, but that is not the biggest problem anymore, I still have NO local player available in LMS, and since this one is for a friend of mine who only has an USB-dac, I need a local player real badly.

    Please help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by abartels View Post
    I managed this, but that is not the biggest problem anymore, I still have NO local player available in LMS, and since this one is for a friend of mine who only has an USB-dac, I need a local player real badly.

    Please help!
    I assume you have added the plugin. Is it still there? What parameters do you supply it with on the settings?
    LMS 8.1 on PC, Xubuntu 20.04, FLACs 16->24 bit, 44.1->192kbps. 2 Touches & EDO.
    LMS plugin UPnP/DLNA Bridge to MF M1 CLiC (A308CR amp & ESLs) & Marantz CR603 UPnP renderers.
    Also Minimserver & Upplay to same & to upmpdcli/mpd PC renderers.
    Squeezelite to Meridian USB Explorer DAC to PC speakers/headphones.
    Wireless Xubuntu 20.04 laptop firefox/upplay or Android mobile with Squeeze-Ctrl/BubbleUPnP controls LMS/Minimserver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abartels View Post
    Hello all,

    Sorry for my noob question but I have a strange problem.
    For a friend of mine I copied my LMS 7.9 installation, running on a i7 laptop with 32-bit Ubuntu 18.04, to a new SSD and mounted it in a "new" i5 desktop pc.

    All works, but I can't get LMS 7.9 (and now upgraded to LMS 8.1) to recognize Squeezelite player. I tried local player plugin at first, but it wouldn't start.
    Finally I installed Squeezelite manually, and LMS 8.1 recognizes Squeezelite player when I manually push the command squeezelite -o "my-usb-audio-device" in terminal.
    After entering the command in terminal, LMS recognizes Squeezelite and plays music, but as soon as I close terminal, LMS stops playing and can't find squeezelite player anymore.
    I tried several options, starting squeezelite with the option -z from within /etc/default/squeezelite but still no recognizing of Squeezelite within LMS.
    Also, my usb audio device isn't recognized by Ubuntu itself anymore after changing /etc/default/squeezelite with those setting, while before, without running Squeezelite from
    /etc/default/squeezelite, it was visible in Ubuntus audio settings.

    And now, the strangest thing, I can play music from my OWN LMS 8.1, choosing my friends LMS 8.1 as playback device, and then I got audio output on the USB dac
    connected to the my friends LMS 8.1 ???????

    Can somebody please shed a light on this since I'm a real Linux noob (have rather good MS skills btw), and I really am lost now

    Thanks in advance,
    Alex Bartels
    the Netherlands
    Hey Alex

    Others are having problems with squeezelite on Raspberry pi OS.

    So try this, go to etc/init.d/squeezelite and uncomment SB_EXTRA_ARGS and add

    -a :::0 between the " "

    Then reboot

    Nothing to lose

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    If this works, you can download and install an up to date squeezelite from Ralphy's sourceforge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    Nothing to lose
    yes but in case it gets into folk culture the "-a :::0" is to do with mmap parameter which in the Pi4 problem seems to be specific to Pi and the memory mapping of the BCM2835 SoC and so shouldn't affect an x64 type processor

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    Native DSD

    Hello, I am using Squeezelite-x in Windows 10. The creator of SLX pointed me to this topic to ask about my problem.
    I cannot get Native DSD to work.
    LMS is installed on a Synology DS214 NAS (armadaxp), latest version from sourceforge.
    My USB adapter is a Mutec MC3+ USB, ASIO drivers, capable of both, DoP and Native.

    I can get it to work with DSDPlay disabled and using -D :U32BE, but, for example for DSD128, my ASIO driver panel reports 352,800hz sample rate ASIO active (PCM mode). Therefore I believe it is actually DoP.
    The same behavior I get with DSDplay plugin enabled (of course adjusting relevant settings in advanced/file settings). DSDPlay under player tab reports "This player supports native playback of DSD files. DSD-over-PCM should be configured on the player configuration interface"

    I don't know exactly how -D argument works and have no clue about what :U32BE part does (i just googled to see what settings work for others and copy pasted).

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