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Yes I have:
using pcp6b7 and to my knowledge currently no update possible with: Main page : squeezelite - update or full update.
And the FFMpeg libraries for Squeezelite do nothing for ogg vorbis
The Ogg/Vorbis decoder in squeezelite is native. Triode initially added support back in 2011 just after the 0.2beta1 release.
The introduction of Ogg/Vorbis native playback in Spotty uncovered a couple of issues in the squeezelite decoder implementation which are fixed in 1.9.4-1182 and newer. pCP versions 4.1, 5.x and 6.xbeta all have a squeezelite extension available which include the bug fixes.

Forum member chill recently created a compressed version of his flac library using ogg/vorbis and picoreplayer. There's no indication of problems using ogg/vorbis files with squeezelite. He even provides a flac to ogg conversion script in the thread.