I just changed my router to an AE I am trying to get iPeng to work on my iPad2 and it is not seeing the Touch. The touch is visible on Airport Utility and I can manipulate the Touch manually to play Radio.

System: Alienware Aurora
Win7 Pro
AE just installed; mixed network (not a separate 2.4 or 5.0 gHz; have not gotten that far yet)
Squeezebox Touch; 50% wireless signal
iPad2 w/ iOS 6
iPeng up to date
LMS Nightly update (October 17 downloaded this morning).

Android Squeeze Commander is not showing the Touch.

I factory reset the Touch and I am running the Hi Rez app.

I had no issues with a Linksys or ASUS router (old Linksys and ASUS fried in a storm) so I am not a complete dummy.

Am I missing a setup option somewhere?

Thanks, Chris