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    Multi Track Synchronised Start Functionality Needed.

    Hi All,

    I had a look over the forum but haven't found any information that talks about what I need.

    I am using LMS to transmit to up to 10 different iPod Touch units with iPeng installed and want to synchronise up to 10 DIFFERENT audio tracks so they all start to play at that same time. I understand I can get multiple different tracks playing at the same time but I want to be able to press play once on the LMS web application to get numerous DIFFERENT audio tracks playing; they will all start at the same time, arrive at their 2 minute mark at the same time, for example, and all finish at the same time (assuming they are all the same length.). Apologies for the laborious explanation, I've had a few misunderstandings when trying to get across what I would like.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that allows this? Or is anyone able to work with me to develop this functionality?

    If you have any information please send me an email at Sound@Jay-Harris.co.uk or post a reply here.

    Many thanks!


    PS. I'm using LMS on a Macbook.
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