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    Did you see the discussion about the arch flag at build time I linked to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    Did you see the discussion about the arch flag at build time I linked to?
    Yes I did. I'm pretty sure that the arch is already set correctly. The m1 and x86-64 squeezeplay builds are unique and not "fat" binaries and there's no kernel code (kext).

    It does appear to be a security "feature" of Catalina and Big Sur. If the dmg file is downloaded and not signed it's flagged as suspect.

    I'm still wading through all the details, as if the above statement is true then why does the x86-64 squeezeplay build not suffer from this?

    My first guess is that the newer xcode does something to the binary. I build x86-64 on Sierra with xcode 9.2 and no one has reported the issue for it.

    I'm going to try building a 64bit MacOS 11+ only binary with xcode 12.4 to see if the same problem as the m1 build happens.

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