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    Creating Automatic Podcast listing without mysqueezebox.com "podcast" app

    I use the mysb.com "podcast" app to access many podcasts I'm interested in. Very nice because once the podcast RSS feed is entered once, the app always shows the "n" latest podcasts for me to select and play. I was curious about something similar in LMS *without* access to mysb.com. Turns out to be simple.

    1. On your mysqueezebox.com account webpage, select my apps, then podcasts. At the bottom of your podcast listings there is an option to "listen as opml". Select this and it will save the file to your computer. If it saves the file as "podcasts.opml.xml" rename the file "podcasts.opml". Put this file somewhere on your local computer or anywhere the computer running LMS can access (dropbox, etc.). I actually keep this on a bit of free webspace provided by my internet provider so I can access it anywhere...I do the same with my favorites.opml).

    2. In LMS, go to webGUI, click on FAVORITES, click the little "pencil" next to FAVORITES to get into edit mode. At bottom of list add a new favorite, which is the location of the "podcasts.opml" file on your system. Give it a name (Gary's Podcasts), then save/add.

    When I select this favorite in LMS, I see a list of all my podcasts (e.g., Sound Opinions, This American Life, Science Friday). If I select one of the podcasts then I see a list of available shows (newest first). If I select a show, it begins to play.

    And in the future, to add a new podcast, I just edit the podcasts.opml file with a text editor and paste in the new line (for the new podcast subscription).
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    Yeah, I have never bothered with MySB for podcasts. I just use a "Podcast" submenu of my (local LMS) favorites and enter the feed URLs as items there.

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    IIRC you can just create a Favorites on the local LMS with the URL "file://" followed by the full file path (e.g. file:///home/user/podcasts.opml). If the file has an OPML file extension - it will be parsed as OPML.

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