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    how to I add another SBR?

    I mentioned last week or so before on here, that I bought yet another SBR. Got it on clearance at a store closing...
    Someone must have had it for a short time and brought it back . Got it for $ a good price...
    well tried to enter my already established email and password. It would not accept it. Can listen to channels okay but cant do the "favorites" etc...
    Under settings it shows an address of "unlinked@slimdevices.com"
    How do I change all of this and add it to my account???
    Thanks yall

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    Try a Factory Reset on the SB Radio, it should ask for your MySB.com login info. It will say “this player is already registered to …… “.
    Scroll down (might be below screen) to “create a new MySB.com login”, enter your correct MySB.com login email and password.

    SB Radio Factory Reset =
    - power off Radio (press & hold POWER button, see "goodbye" on screen)
    - press & hold “+” button
    - power ON Radio
    - continue holding “+” until you see "Factory Settings Restored"
    - wait till Radio completely reboots on it’s own

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    how to I add another SBR?

    > Under settings it shows an address of "unlinked (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com"
    > How do I change all of this and add it to my account???

    Get in touch with support - they usually can sort this out quickly. Or send me a mail with your player's MAC address (mherger ät logitech dott com).



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