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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedresden View Post
    This is an interesting thread.

    I purchased Erlands plugins and I use Multi-Library, SQL Playlist and Dynamic Playlist to manage a library of about 50,000 tracks (multi-libray config has it split into two libraries with an intersection of the two providing a third library)

    I am on the last version of SBS (7.6.2?) before it was upgraded and renamed to LMS (7.7), so it's a SQLite db

    I run it on a SqueezePlug hosted on a Seagate GoFlexNet NAS box.

    Performance in the menus is generally sluggish but fine once it starts playing, but the description given by the thread starter is very familiar ľ although I don't use trackstat.

    I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to troubleshoot and tune the software for my config? I have asked a few times in the Squeezeplug forums about tuning but no one seems interested. Erland appears to be much more pro-active and helpful in this area.

    NB I'm IT literate so happy to go away and do my own investigation if I can be pointed in the right direction
    First thing to check would probably to login via ssh and run "top" while performing the operations that you feel are too slow.
    From my experience the interesting thing to look for is:
    - The %wa value, if this rise it usually indicates that there is a lot of disk access and in this case keeping the database on a faster disk will help. Not sure if it's on a SDHC card or on a normal hard drive in your case.
    - The %us and %sy is also of interest as those indicates that the CPU is pretty loaded.
    - With SQLite the database us running inside the squeezeboxserver process, so the CPU usage per process it fairly uninteresting as squeezeboxserver definitely is going to be in the top when you are browsing.

    If there is a specific browse menu (if you use Custom Browse) or dynamic playlist (SQL Playlist based) that's slow it could be that the SQL executed is advanced. There might not be much to do about this except for removing some criteria in the playlist/menu and thanks to that making it faster, but this will generally also mean that it might not do what you like any more.
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    Thanks - I'll do some digging and see how I get on.

    For info the database is on the SDHC card not on the disk. I have a 1TB disk formatted to NTFS with the music library on it. Is this optimal? I did wonder whether formatting the disk as EXT3 would have any noticeable effect.

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    Finally found some time to look at this.

    As a test I went to edit a SQL Playlist in the SBS screen

    Once I click the edit button, it takes about 30 seconds before the edit screen appears

    During this time the main figure that shoots up is the %wa - which goes consistently to around 70%-80%.

    Once the edit screen appears it drops right down again.

    So this is disk wait right? The server is on a USB stick plugged in the front of the GoFlex Net not on the attached HDD

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