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    Spotify - Sb touch & PC - simultaneous play possible?

    Hello, I am a spotify premium user. I only listen to music through spotify. I'm looking to play spotify in multiple rooms (the same music playing in all rooms in sync).

    Room 1 = PC running spotify, spotimote connected to HI-FI #1
    Room 2 = Sb Touch connected to HI-FI #2
    remote = Android +spotimote
    potentially more squeezeboxes in other rooms if I can get this to work!

    I'd like to control everything from the PC because the remote works well and I prefer the PC interface. But I can be flexible on this.
    I tried the DSbridge angle which worked but it had a delay between the PC and the SB Touch of about 5 seconds which was not acceptable (as you can actually hear the music between rooms).

    I've trawled the net for solutions but nothing seems to be asking this specifically...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have somewhat similar setup. My 'PC' is an iMac, but the challenge is the same. Issues include - Spotify will only stream to one client at once, and synching sound between PC and Squeezebox is unlikely to work unless LMS or something similar is in charge.

    Your options as I see it:
    1) Spotify client on PC. Use Airfoil on PC for streaming from PC to airport express or airplay capable device of your choice in other locations.

    2) Spotify app or plugin on LMS, playing to multiple Squeezeboxes and/or Squeezeplay on PC.

    I do a bit of both, as I agree that using the Spotify desktop app is nice compared to driving it from the SB. So that's what I use for "hands on" listening, exploring new artists, etc. If I just want to chill with music synched in multiple locations, I use the SB.

    Under option 1, it is possible to rebroadcast the audio from the PC using something like Nicecast, and then tune into it using the Squeezebox or other receiver, but it's not really a practical solution (too many moving parts) and is unlikely to be in sync. I got it working just to prove I could, and never went back there.

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