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    Squeezebox keeps playing when switched off!!?

    I have a Squeezebox classic in the kitchen, connected to the input of a stereo system. It's been working that way for years. We listen to streaming internet radio nearly all of the time. It streams wirelessly from the router or one of several WAPs.

    A couple of weeks ago, I switched off the squeezebox via the "off" button on the remote. The SB display switched from "Now Playing" to the time-of-day, as it should. But the music continued until I switched off the stereo.

    Tonight, the same thing happened.

    I left the stereo on, to see what would happen. It kept on playing until I switched it off a couple of minutes later.

    A couple of hours later, I switched the stereo back on. The SB was still "Off", but the music stream was still there!

    I powered down the SB, and the music stopped.

    Can anyone explain this?

    We changed Internet providers recently, as well as installing a new wireless router and an IP surveillance camera nearby to the SB.

    But I can see no relevance there. Anybody have any ideas?


    [edit] I have another SB Classic connected to the stereo in the living room. When I switch that one off, the music stops instantly.

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