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    Running on a Mac/iPad squeezebox controller

    I have been running my duet for years on an HP/windows unit. I have just switched to a Macbook Pro. I installed the latest server software and it works fine, I can control everything via web interface off Macbook.

    I had installed the Squeezebox controller App on an iPad and it had worked flawlessly when running on the desktop. Now, it is asking me a login password to Macbook (username and password). I have tried everything I can think of but it won't log in. Anyone know what it is looking for?

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    I assume you're trying to login via iPad? Try logging in on the server (MBPro) and go to SETTINGS in the browser when it opens.Go to the ADVANCED tab and get to the SECURITY menu. This is for user ID and PW when doing what you're trying to do. Clear it and enter something new that you'll remember.

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    You mean Logitech's App? Did you enable username/password for the server at all?

    I believe I've seen something like that in the App's review comments but would not know what should cause it.
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