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I finally got around to operating on the Boom after buying a house and getting married. Using the instructions on disassembly from the below link I removed the Wifi card from the Boom. I put it all back together and fired it up attached to Ethernet. On boot it flashed some messages on the screen about the Wifi card not being installed, but it got an IP and and I was able to play some Pandora stations.

So, thank you. Removing the wifi card and using Ethernet revived the boom. I probably will not bother replacing or messing around with the wifi card. I'll just continue with the Ethernet connection.

did exactly the same to revive my boom: I took out the wifi card and switched it on with the ethernet connection.
But there is more: once revived, i plugged the wiki card again and tadah, it worked again with wifi.
I am so happy i could unbrick it: price on ebay for those appliances seems to be on the rise!