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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Thanks for the idea but I did try that.

    I also put one of my new secondhand cards into the Receiver and it worked straight away.
    Have you done all the usual resets incl Xilinx.

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    working WiFi card

    just for the record, this here card works with a SB3:
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    Never mind the crud : )

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    Another successful repair

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but the Aliexpress link above from w3wilkes is still valid and I am listening to my boom with this very card installed. Sorry as a first time poster I cannot link the URL.

    The original card is stuck down with double sided tape and is hard to remove. I ended up using a plastic pry bar (carefully).
    After replacing the card and running the boom in pieces it worked perfectly. Once I assembled my Boom I received a missing WiFi card error.
    Disassembled and wiggled the new card around a bit to clean the contacts and stuck the new card in with double sided tape. So far so good.

    While it was apart I scrubbed the sticky front panel, buttons and knob in Methylated spirits. From what I had read I was expecting to have to repaint the front panel, but the goopy layer was easy to remove and left a lovely satin black panel and a gloss black knob.


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    Main system - Rock Solid with LMS 8.2.0 on WHS 2011 - 2 Duets and Squeeseslave
    Cabin system - Rock solid with LMS 8.2.0 on Win10 Pro - 1 RPi 3 Model B/Hifiberry DAC+ Pro/PiCorePlayer and Squeezeslave
    Squeezebox Boom - "At Large" player around both home and cabin
    Headphones and car - Android phone/Bluetooth w/full library on MicroSD card - PowerAmp music player app (similar to Material Skin)

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