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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Thanks for the idea but I did try that.

    I also put one of my new secondhand cards into the Receiver and it worked straight away.
    Have you done all the usual resets incl Xilinx.

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    working WiFi card

    just for the record, this here card works with a SB3:
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    Never mind the crud : )

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    Another successful repair

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but the Aliexpress link above from w3wilkes is still valid and I am listening to my boom with this very card installed. Sorry as a first time poster I cannot link the URL.

    The original card is stuck down with double sided tape and is hard to remove. I ended up using a plastic pry bar (carefully).
    After replacing the card and running the boom in pieces it worked perfectly. Once I assembled my Boom I received a missing WiFi card error.
    Disassembled and wiggled the new card around a bit to clean the contacts and stuck the new card in with double sided tape. So far so good.

    While it was apart I scrubbed the sticky front panel, buttons and knob in Methylated spirits. From what I had read I was expecting to have to repaint the front panel, but the goopy layer was easy to remove and left a lovely satin black panel and a gloss black knob.


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    Squeezebox Boom - "At Large" player around both home and cabin
    Headphones and car - Android phone/Bluetooth w/full library on MicroSD card - PowerAmp music player app (similar to Material Skin)

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    Another compatible card

    Great thread!

    I love it as much as I love my Boom!
    Sometmes ignorance is bliss. I ordered this card:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32639702162.html without seeing the posts in this thread.

    At first I thought the card was not compatible with my Boom. I then tried to wiggle the card some more as instructed by MattRX and it worked!

    So this is another compatible card which is available at the time of writing.
    The card I received looked a little different than the one on the photo on the link above, but worked nevertheless.
    I attach a photo of the card I received.

    Thanks for all the guidance in this thread!

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    Location 2:
    Server: RPi 4 running LMS 8.3
    Players: RPi 4 w. SqueezeLite + 1 SB boom 2 x Libratone Zipp,

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    New Wifi card working for Squeezebox Boom

    For those wishing to order a new WiFi card: I ordered one via AliExpress. Due to being a newby poster, I cannot include links. You can find the card by searching for the following product ID:


    It should bring the following product description:

    Wireless Adapter Card for Atheros 2413 AR2413A AR5005G 54Mbps 802.11b/g Mini Pci-E Wireless Wlan-card

    This one worked as a replacement Wifi card in the Squeezebox Boom

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