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    Syncing on newer model players

    In another thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...Dying-Classics), someone made this comment:
    and syncing has never really been nailed with SqueezeOS devices
    All my players are old-school (Transporter, SB2, SBR) so I don't own a SqueezeOS-based player. Is it true that syncing doesn't work as well on a Touch? Such info is useful for the future, if and when any of my players dies and need to be replaced.
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    I occasionally synch 2xTouches, or 2xTouches and an SB3, and have no problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plympton View Post
    and syncing has never really been nailed with SqueezeOS devices
    Yeah, that statement puzzled me too. I have a couple of Radios, a Touch, a Boom and an SB3, and have subsets of them synced all the time. They work fine. One of the Radios regularly gets moved from the bedroom, where it syncs as half of a stereo pair, and the patio, where it syncs to play the same as the rest of the house.

    Two minor issues that I've noted though.
    i) If I have a mixed playlist with crossfade enabled, I occasionally notice that one of the players drops a few samples at the crossover between tracks. I assume that the syncing mechanism tries to take advantage of the silence between tracks to adjust the sync precision, but when crossfade is enabled there is no silence.
    ii) Sometimes when starting up a number of players the first track is completely out of sync - half a second or so - but this disappears when the second track starts. I can also fix it by hitting the 'back' arrow on one of the players to make the first track restart.

    I had never considered that either of these issues might be down to one of the SqueezeOS players. I don't think they are, but haven't done any careful testing. Even if they are they are so minor that I wouldn't give them a second thought when considering a new purchase.

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