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    setup instructions for White Bear and/or DLNA ?

    I have a dedicated Win7 box hosting a large collection of MP3s and running LMS 7.7.2. I was initially thrilled that LMS included a DLNA server and started using it to play music in my living room, with an Android tablet as the controller and a Sony '200' as the DLNA client/target. I was never 100% satisfied with how my library was sorted but at least it worked. Unfortunately, the LMS server now crashes whenever I try to play something through DLNA. Rather than try to 'fix' it (I did nothing to it in the first place...) I have decided to switch to a different DLNA server.

    NOTE: I had already/previously disabled the 'Windows Media Player Network Sharing' service.

    My first thought was the White Bear DLNA Server add-in. I disabled the original DLNA add-in from Logitech, then ran the installer for White Bear, then rebooted. The system-tray icon for White Bear says that it is installed but I cannot see it on my network (from the tablet). From the 'server' machine, under Network, there is an available server called 'Unknown (White Bear)' which I assume is the White Bear service. But I suspect the Windows Firewall needs another exception. The official homepage for White Bear says that all these settings will be done automatically but how do I confirm that? Basically, I have been unable to find any setup or troubleshooting instructions for White Bear.

    Out of desperation, I tried re-enabling the WMP Network Sharing service. I can now see it on the network but when I try to access my DLNA app (BubbleUPnP) reports "access denied." So I am stuck.

    Any suggestions on making either White Bear or WMP Network Sharing work? Thank you!

    UPDATE: Should I uninstall/re-install White Bear but use 'Run As Administrator' ? Maybe the installer needed admin rights but failed to complain about it?
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    How I fixed it manually

    I got it to work! But I had to manually setup the Windows 7 Firewall, something which I was unable to find documented anywhere.


    1. From another workstation I was able to open <server-IP>:9000 and view the LMS web-page. But then I was unable to open the :31416 port. This confirmed that the White Bear service was not added to the Windows Firewall exceptions.
    2. I opened Control Panel, searched for 'firewall', then selected 'Allow a program through Windows Firewall'
    3. I clicked on Change Settings, then Allow Another Program
    4. in the list of 'Add A Program' I could see 'White Bear Media Server Tray Monitor' but I knew I needed to add the background service instead.
    5. I clicked on Browse, then located C:\Program files\Whitebear Media Server\WhitebearService.exe
    6. After clicking Add, I retested and now everything works! (I did not need to manually specify the 31416 port.)

    P.S. Before I did all this I also tried uninstalling White Bear, rebooting, then re-installing it As Administrator, again rebooting. That didn't fix it.

    P.P.S. I re-disabled the Windows Media Player Network Sharing service and White Bear still works, i.e., it is not dependent on it. (Again, I hadn't seen that documented specifically, so I wasn't sure if the 'Windows UPnP' requirement was referring to the Network Sharing service or not.)

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