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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaf Cat View Post
    ...but factory internal software settings of Linux, Win and network systems is way way above my head, so I'm afraid I can't discuss as I have no clue why the nas and pc sound different.
    If you did understand those things, you would accept that they could never produce a real sound quality difference between a local hard drive and a NAS device, feeding the same server. You say you've looked into LCR in relation to cables, so you would seem to be interested in reasons - so please look into the whole expectation bias thing, there is loads of information on the internet, not just related to audio. This is much more important (in terms of its effect on the results of listening tests) than almost anything that might change sound quality, never mind things that cannot. I know, I've been there, and I have the pile of unused equipment to prove it!

    I don't think you are causing trouble, but it is very frustrating when you refuse to engage with what is the overwhelmingly most likely cause of the differences you perceive.

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    Okay you have swayed me to try a blind test, I will at some point use a file from the back up copy on the nas, and run it on a 2 song play list play list with the same file on the pc, ff and skip a few times so I have no clue as to which is which. But, I have not had a chance to listen to a single track in the last 3 weeks, so don't hold your breath, it may be a while. You have me wondering now ;-)


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