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    Displaying track date instead of Album date

    I am not sure how valid this is but it seems reasonable to me and since I can't find an answer I thought I'd ask.
    I have several albums/CDs that are compilation types (eg. the best of ....). Now since I am interested in the dates of the original tracks in the collection I save them (flac format) on LMS 7.7.2 as the album "the best of ...." but with the track dates altered to be the original release date of the track.
    This seems to only half work, as in the dates are then almost useless (which of course was not my intention) since it classifies the whole album using the date of the last track (ok it has to use something) but where I want to find a solution is in the listing.
    If I list by date then it shows only the album (classified with the last track date) and will only show the individual tracks in that year under the "various" heading at the end of the date listing. (I am wondering here if I am making sense).
    Anyway, I was hoping there was a way to get LMS to show tracks from each year in the results rather than having to look under "various" to find them?
    Is it possible, is it even realistic to do this? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Well, there is a "standard" (you'd have to look around a bit) tag that is called Original Year (or something similar). Since you are using FLAC files, you could create such a tag. You could use that to store the date you want and leave the standard date field to keep the album year in place.

    As far as browsing in LMS, the only thing I can imagine working would be to use one of Erland's plugins (check the 3rd party software thread), specifically Custom Scan and Custom Browse. You could force LMS to scan the original year tag and the create your own menu structure to sort by "Original Year" then "artist" and "song" or whatever works best for you. It isn't easy, but it would work and you get good support if you give it a try and need help.

    You may even be able to use Custom Browse alone to get what you want, although I'm not sure how well it will work with the Year tag if the overlying data base only really looks at the first or last track on an album for a year. A custom field will be per track. With mp3tag, you could quickly just copy all the year fields to a custom tag field as an initial step.

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