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    Best way of deleting files from library

    Hi folks,
    I did a bit of a spring clean on my music collection over the weekend.
    I moved some music that I have not listened to in a while, to a back up drive.

    I have since tried to add some new music to my music folder but when I started the scan, it's been running for hours looking for the deleted files. Normally a scan would last anywhere between 2 or 3 minutes.

    As I tend to do this kind of clear-out every now and then, what would be the best way of dealing with this in the future?

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    The way it _should_ work is to run a "new and changed" scan when you add new tracks, and a full "clear and rescan" whenever you delete something or move its location on the drive, say, to a different folder.

    Sometimes the "new and changed" doesn't work even when it should, so in those cases you should do a full "clear and rescan".

    Assuming that you've already done a "clear and rescan", the best advice I can offer for what to try next is to stop LMS, delete LMS's cache folder, and then restart LMS. That will start a new scan from scratch.

    Any clues in the log file?

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    Thanks aubuti,
    I aborted the scan,stopped the server, restarted it and completed a new scan.
    It completed in less than 20 mins.
    The previous scan seemed to be stuck on one file. I could see this happening when viewing the scan on the control panel.

    Thanks for your advice

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