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    My Transporter System

    Modwright modded silver unit with outrageous tube set. Rest of system is a Modwright pre, Pass Labs amp, and Merlin VSM MX speakers.

    Went from full Apple airport express/theta dac setup, then to Duet/theta, now to Transporter, and loving it.

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    nice system. what speakers are those?
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    Transporter--> Wireworld Eclipse 6 coax-->Meridian G61
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    Those are Merlin vsm mx

    Thanks netchord,

    Completely reworked my system recently and really happy with it. Actually added a shanling sacd player since the pics.

    There's a fair amount published on the Merlin's and all good.

    Listening Room
    Modwright Transporter (silver) w/EML 5U4GM and Shuguang Black Treasure CV181-Z
    Modwright SWL9.0SE preamp
    Pass Labs XA30.5 amp
    Merlin VSM-MX speakers
    Audio Metallurgy GA0 interconnects
    Anti-Cables speaker cable
    iMac server

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    Pity we're on different continents, I'd take the Theta off your hands in a heartbeat
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