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    Podcasts - elapsed time


    When listening to podcasts on my Radio, why is there no elapsed time? I can see a progress bar but no elapsed or remaining time. Is there an option somewhere I am missing? This is connected to squeezenetwork.com


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    To see the elapsed time on the radio, push and hold the fast forward button. You will see a progress bar and the elapsed time counting off. (Be careful--if you push FF and let go too quickly, the podcast will start over.)

    If you want to actually fast forward, push and hold the fast forward button for a moment till you see the elapsed time and the progress bar, then while they are still displayed, press the FF button again and the elapsed time will start to increase faster along with the progress bar. When you have fast forwarded to where you want to be, just let go of the FF button and the podcast will jump to that point and the elapsed time counter and progress bar will disappear.

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