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    Fall back alarm not fixed?

    I recently upgraded to v7.7.1 LMS but now my SR is having the same problem I had in this post:

    I thought this was fixed in 7.7.1 (I could be mistaken) If it is not fixed, will the 'fix' from the above post still work? I miss my alarm.
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    The bug is still open, so you will need to reapply the fix/workaround mentioned on the other thread after your server upgrade
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    thx, guess this will teach me to upgrade....

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    Got the same problem...

    What a shame we need to go via code modification to get a decent alarm clock...
    I have that exact same problem described, but unfortunately I am not able to understand bluegaspode solution :-(

    I have switched off the alarm and use my mobile phone's one to wake up, that is honestly a real annoying bug. I hope that someone at Logitech is taking it into account for the next FW.

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