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    500 song limit to playlists

    Hi ... I am encountering the following problem with my Squeezebox Touch, and I was wondering whether anyone could suggest a workaround.

    I have an iTunes playlist that I play on my Squeezebox Touch that has approximately 3000 songs on it. When I select this playlist on the Squeezebox Touch, I am taken to a screen with all the songs in the playlist. There I select a song on the playlist to play. At this point, the Squeezebox seems to create a new playlist that is composed of a selection of only 500 songs from the full playlist. That would be OK if the selection was a random 500 songs from the playlist, but in fact the selection doesn't seem to be random; the Squeezebox seems to be selecting the songs alphabetically, based on artist name, starting about three-quarters of the way through the alphabet. This happens every time I try to play the playlist.

    Is anyone aware of a solution that would allow me to either (a) increase the maximum playlist size to a number greater than 500; or if that's not possible then (b) do something that will cause this limited playlist of 500 songs to be selected at random from the larger, original playlist?


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    Web-UI :

    Settings/ advanced / performance ( hint use the forum search function, this q is very common )

    Otherwise Erlands dynamic playlist plugin does it nicely .
    It can work like random play, cue up 10 songs at the time randomly from a selected playlist and continue to add songs as it advances.
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