This is a Blackberry Playbook app to turn your tablet into a simple player for LMS/Slimserver.

The app will use your Playbook's native multimedia/mp3 decoder to conserve power (and avoid mp3 patent issues).

LIMITATIONS: Only mp3 and Ogg Vorbis (".ogg") files will play properly. Synchronization is not (and likely never will be) supported. Other file formats plausibly may be supported in the future.

This app does NOT include a controller. You will need to use the web controller on your Logitech Media Server, or use another app (such as, for example, SqueezeyTunes) to control the player.

Here are the INSTRUCTIONS from the app description: You will need to know the IP address of the Logitech Media Server on your LAN. To find it, open a web browser ON THE COMPUTER WHERE THE LOGITECH MEDIA SERVER IS INSTALLED and go to the web address localhost:9000/ . Select the "Settings" link on the bottom right corner of the webpage and go to the tab labelled "Information". The section entitled "Squeezebox Server Status" should include an entry "Server IP Address". Give this IP address to the Squeeze2PB app.

The player will identify itself on your server as a "Squeezeslave" class device.

For the technically savvy, you may even choose to tunnel ports 9000 and 3483 from your Playbook into your home LAN, using the "Telnet SSH" (PuTTY) app. If you tunnel through a router, be sure to tunnel the "TCP" protocol.

Web url is: (or, more easily, just search appworld for "squeeze2pb", at the $0.99 price tier).